How Much Do Flexshopper Affiliates Make? A Quick Guide for Newbies

How Much Do Flexshopper Affiliates Make? FlexShopper offers a simple and convenient option to lease-to-own furniture, electronics, appliances, and other popular brand name goods with low weekly payments.


How do FlexShopper affiliates make their commission?

On top of the initial revenue generated, FlexShopper affiliates receive 5% of every sale that they make. This means that the affiliate receives a commission on any purchase over $100.

FlexShopper affiliates also earn a 2.75% annual percentage rate (APR) on all sales made. This means that the affiliate can make $20 on $100, and keep the $5 commission.

The exact payout is up to the affiliate. How much money do Flexshopper affiliates make per month?

The minimum commission payment is $15 for each order placed with FlexShopper affiliates. The minimum number of monthly orders to earn the $20 commission is 70,

but Flexshopper affiliates can make as many as they like. The minimum number of sales required for FlexShopper affiliates to receive the 2.75% APR on each order is 90.


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What is the Flexshopper affiliate program?

The Flexshopper affiliate program lets you earn money for referring people to the website and their store.

When someone clicks on your link and registers for your store, you can choose to send them to your store, or to an affiliate program.

In the Flexshopper affiliate program, you will be paid for each person who visits your store and then makes a purchase.

How much do Flexshopper affiliates make per month?

As of the start of this year, Flexshopper affiliates earn an average of $30 per store visit from each new customer they send to the store.

This may seem like an attractive income, but remember that many of those visits come from referrals from existing clients.


What are the requirements for becoming a FlexShopper affiliate?

There are no special requirements except for being comfortable working from home and feeling motivated. The affiliate program is easy and rewarding so don’t hesitate to apply!

How much do Flexshopper affiliates make? Most of our affiliate partnerships are advertising-based.

By working with our affiliate partners we make the same amount that you would if you were shopping in the FlexShopper showroom.

In other words, you could make the same amount as an affiliate salesperson.

There is also a referral bonus opportunity that you can consider if you’d like to help out other members of your household who are looking for new home furniture.


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Who should join the FlexShopper affiliate program?

Affiliate partners are entrepreneurs looking for a more sustainable way to run a business. For many of us, this means having our products be seen by more customers.

For others, it means connecting to a brand that will help them develop their own business, marketing solutions, or services.

What are the FlexShopper Affiliate Program Conditions? Every affiliate is required to submit the following material to FlexShopper each time they post a new deal:

Detailed information regarding the sale of the product Detailed information regarding the customers’ expected purchase of the product Targeted online ads and

other marketing outreach Once you have posted a new deal, you are also required to post your affiliate link to your own website or social media, depending on your specific business model.



Being a trusted company with years of industry experience, FlexShopper is making sure that their consumer base stays satisfied with the products they purchase.


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